Harry Schnaper design

A sleeping room at the Porter Avenue Ready, Willing and Able, Peter J. Sharpe facility in Bushwick, New York.

Mr. Schnaper has been designing and decorating facilities
for The Doe Fund since 1996. His initial involvement was at
A Better Place which was one of the earliest facilities in New York to offer housing and care to homeless men with HIV.
He has since worked on numerous facilities and offices and is currently involved in a large scale renovation, redesign and decoration of a 70 bed facility in Center City Philadelphia. He says, “My objective is to create facilities that are inspirational, stylish, and non-instituational. Men coming in off the streets should be treated with the same dignity and aesthetic awareness as anyone else entering a contemporary residential facility. The men are awed by the space and their self respect and desire to stay in the program is amplified by the sense that the organization truly cares for their well-being”. Other larger facilities are in the works. Mr. Schnaper considers the pro bono projects for the Doe Fund as both necessary and highly satisfying.